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About Us




When it comes to your baby, everything is important, even the basics. The basics are with you every day and are part of your daily routine. That’s why we aspire to bring a little bit of luxury to all your baby’s basic needs. We create luxurious products that are super soft to the touch, easy to clean, durable, and well designed. Our products are part of your everyday life. They are with your baby when he’s sleeping, with you when you are changing him, and with you both when its just the two of you. We focus on the basics. We like to keep it simple. Luxury can be simple and we make it our goal to bring that luxury to you.



Started in 2004 with a single idea, Luxe Basics is a Chicago based company that is growing to offer quality products for all your baby needs. Current products are focused on nursery basics and we are adding more every year. We will continue to focus on designing solutions for everyday problems and on bringing a little bit of luxury to your everyday needs. Why? Because you deserve it and we like doing it!